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Jan 26
ChargeMoney: New MIDS available!

We are a PSP offering VISA and MC processing to the high-risk space (Fx, Gaming, CBD, Crypto, Adult etc). We can provide successful 2D and 3D solutions across all GEO’s for both licensed and unlicensed merchants and can work with FTDs and Start-Ups. We handle the entire underwriting process ourselves meaning we can onboard new clients within […]

May 06
Differences between a PSP and a Gateway

What is a Payment Service Provider? Payment Service Provider, also known as PSP,  Payment Solution Provider or Merchant Services Provider, is a financial entity that is authorized to process transactions between buyers and merchants. Payment Provider a fast and cost-effective way to accept payments without needing to create your own merchant account and open a company in another country. In a […]

Jan 06
Real Time Payments Expected to Double in 2022

Real-time payments technology has driven global consumer demand to be able to pay and be paid in real time, putting the onus on market infrastructure