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Finding a PSP that works for you shouldn't be a struggle!

Our Goals


Help payment solutions showcase their product to the relevant audience.


Unify all payment solutions into one ecosystem.


Create an insightful database with information from our list of payment solutions.


Provide insightful analytics on the fintech and payments industry.

Worlds first payment search engine!

Holding more than four hundred exhaustive payment solutions, with a huge selection of filters available allowing online merchants to quickly find the exact payment solution they need!

The Benefits

Attract merchants

You will be listed in the PSPBox directory and will be visible to thousands of merchants.

Build your network

Connect and collaborate with payment solutions from around the globe to expand your services.

Access the HIT LIST

Access a unique platform where merchants can anonymously submit their processing needs.

Instant Results

Fastest way to find a payment solution based on your business needs.


Clear structure, enhanced and up to date information on all the payment solutions.

Global Coverage

Global network of Payment Solutions suitable for any business need.​

Our Journey

  • DECEMBER 2021

    Started working on PSPBOX

  • March 2022

    Soft-launch of PSPBOX

  • May 2022

    Introduced user reviews

  • JUNE 2022

    Payment Solutions can link to Events that they are planning to attend

  • september 2022

    250 Payment Providers on the platform

  • OCTOBER 2022

    Major Redesign

  • NOVEMBER 2022

    PSP, Gateways, Orchestrations, Acquirers, Banking and Crypto Exchanges are now part of the ecosystem

  • DECEMBER 2022

    Introduced "Get Quote" form on every provider

  • JANUARY 2023

    Official Launch of PSPBOX.

    Pricing plans released to public.

  • FEBRUARY 2023

    Introduced the HIT LIST. Merchants can submit their requests on the platform.

  • MARCH 2023

    Media Partnerships established with Money20/20, iFX Expo, Sigma, Reflect and Cyprus Fintech Summit

  • SEPTEMBER 2023

    Hosted the first iPG (International Payments Gathering) by PSPBOX, in collaboration with AstroPay.

  • DECEMBER 2023

    430+ Payment Solutions on the platform

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From beginners to industry leaders, everyone loves PSPBox.


Neither! PSPBox is a search engine allowing businesses to find a payment solutions according to their needs.

The information is accurate, since all listings on PSPBox are handled and kept up to date by the Payment Solutions.

From the homepage, input the filters relevant to you, and you will get instant results of the solutions that can accommodate to your needs. From the results you can either compare listings side by side using the (+) icon. Otherwise select the listing you desire to find out more information about them and then just contact them directly.

There are solutions available for everyone regardless of your industry or region.

We got you covered! You can submit your request in our Explore Merchants section and let the providers do all the heavy lifting.

The Payment glossary page contains general terms used in the payments industry and should help you demystify the world of payments.​

We have a rating system where other merchants can leave their feedback, according to Customer Support, Reliability, Competitive rates, Integration Ease, Settlements and Profile Information.

Make sure to visit the Upcoming Events page and find out, which expos will they be attending next.

There are a number of ways you can do this. On the profile of the provider you have 3 options:

  1. Open Account -> This button redirects you to a landing page set by the Provider.
  2. Direct Message -> This button gives you the ability to chat directly with a representative of that company.
  3. Get a Quote -> Submit this form to get a quote directly from the provider.

The Financial Regulators page contains the most relevant Financial Commission & Regulators per country.

No, the providers pay a flat fee to be listed on the platform. This way they can stay competitive and you get the best rates!

Our strategic Partners can help Payment Solutions improve & enhance their product by covering various categories such as Fraud Prevention, Whitelabeling, AML & Identity Verification, PCI compliance and much more.

Payment Solutions can chose from a number of packages upon submission. The different options and perks are explained in more details on the Pricing page.

You can use the Contact page to drop us a message and also find out which expos we will be attending.