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Dec 01
25K delegates descend on SiGMA Europe 2023

The SiGMA Europe Summit in 2023 was a Malta week to remember, bringing all the premium networking experiences, keynote addresses, panel discussions and industry presence that outshone the delegation of over 25,000’s expectations.  Breathing life into a brand new venue at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH), the exhibition floor was a true labyrinth of impressive […]

Nov 02
7 good reasons to attend SiGMA Europe 2023

A year of acquisitions, new partnerships, and the launch of new international events has propelled SiGMA’s growth forward as a global leader in the iGaming sector. Following on from the success of shows in Dubai, Manila, Brazil, Cyprus, and Curacao, it’s full steam ahead towards our next flagship event: Malta Week – November 2023. Here’s […]

Mar 16
SVB – How will this effect the online payments industry.

First we need to understand how the banks work and deal with online payment solutions. Banks and payment providers often work together to provide payment processing services to merchants and facilitate transactions for consumers. Here are four ways they typically work together: Now that we have a better understanding of how they work together the […]

Feb 23
Mobile Payments: The Convenient Future of Transactions

The rise of smartphones and digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way we make payments. Gone are the days of carrying cash or writing checks, as more and more consumers opt for mobile payments to make purchases. Whether it’s for in-store shopping, online purchases, or peer-to-peer transfers, mobile payments offer unparalleled convenience […]

Jan 25
Improving customer experience through payment acceptance and processing.

Improving Customer Experience Through Payment Acceptance and Processing In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need to keep up with the demands of customers who expect fast and seamless payment experiences. Payment acceptance and processing are critical components of the customer journey, and businesses that fail to provide a smooth and efficient process risk losing customers. […]

Mar 24
What is a Payment Rail?

Payment rails are the infrastructure that carry money between a payer and a payee. They connect banks and financial institutions with one-another and allow money to travel between them.

Jan 06
Real Time Payments Expected to Double in 2022

Real-time payments technology has driven global consumer demand to be able to pay and be paid in real time, putting the onus on market infrastructure