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ChargeMoney: New MIDS available!

We are a PSP offering VISA and MC processing to the high-risk space (Fx, Gaming, CBD, Crypto, Adult etc). We can provide successful 2D and 3D solutions across all GEO’s for both licensed and unlicensed merchants and can work with FTDs and Start-Ups. We handle the entire underwriting process ourselves meaning we can onboard new clients within 24hrs.

Charge Money has 2 fantastic new MIDs we want to let you know about.

Both process VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Maestro and between them cover most locations worldwide. 

The first is a longstanding solution with EUR based banks for clean and licensed traffic. If you have merchants with CHBs less than 0.5% this is the best long-term solution on the market. 

The second is for smaller companies and unlicensed traffic and we can approve the majority of merchants. 

We can discuss very competitive MDRs with merchants and 50/50 rev shares with resellers.

Ready to start? Connect directly with the ChargeMoney team through PSPBox or using the details below.

Skype: live:.cid.c049852b0cb0ba4c

Email: /

Expo: ICE in London

We look forward to connecting! 

Charge Money team!