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May 26
What is 3D Secure and how does it work?

Developed by Visa and MasterCard, 3D Secure, also known as 3DS, is a technical standard that adds an additional layer of security to online credit and debit card transactions.

Apr 07
SPELL: A white label platform designed to make you win in the payments business

Welcome to this Q&A session featuring Jevgenijs Novickis, CEO of Spell. Spell is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in developing and delivering advanced SaaS services for payment businesses. As CEO, Jevgenijs has led the company’s success, leveraging his expertise and experience in online payments. We’ll ask Jevgenijs about his insights on the industry, the challenges […]

Mar 16
SVB – How will this effect the online payments industry.

First we need to understand how the banks work and deal with online payment solutions. Banks and payment providers often work together to provide payment processing services to merchants and facilitate transactions for consumers. Here are four ways they typically work together: Now that we have a better understanding of how they work together the […]

Mar 02
Contactless Payments: The Future of Cashless Transactions

Contactless payments are a convenient and secure way to make purchases without the need for physical cash or cards. Instead of inserting a card into a card reader or providing a signature, contactless payments use near-field communication (NFC) technology to make quick and easy transactions. Advantages of Contactless Payments: Disadvantages of Contactless Payments: Despite these […]

Feb 23
Mobile Payments: The Convenient Future of Transactions

The rise of smartphones and digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way we make payments. Gone are the days of carrying cash or writing checks, as more and more consumers opt for mobile payments to make purchases. Whether it’s for in-store shopping, online purchases, or peer-to-peer transfers, mobile payments offer unparalleled convenience […]

Feb 16
E-Wallets: The Future of Digital Payments

E-wallets, also known as digital wallets, are electronic platforms that allow users to store and manage their money digitally. With the ability to store multiple payment methods, e-wallets have become a popular and convenient way to make online and in-person purchases. Advantages of E-Wallets: Disadvantages of E-Wallets: Despite these challenges, e-wallets are becoming an increasingly […]

Feb 09
Online Banking: The Future of Personal Finance

With the advent of technology and the widespread availability of the internet, online banking has become a popular and convenient way for individuals to manage their finances. Online banking offers a range of services, from checking account balances to transferring money, paying bills and even applying for loans, all from the comfort of one’s own […]

Feb 02
Crypto Payments: The Future of Digital Transactions

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we think about money and payments. Instead of relying on traditional banking systems, crypto payments allow for decentralized and secure transactions using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Advantages of Crypto Payments: Disadvantages of Crypto Payments: Despite these challenges, crypto payments are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional banking systems. As technology […]

Jan 25
Improving customer experience through payment acceptance and processing.

Improving Customer Experience Through Payment Acceptance and Processing In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need to keep up with the demands of customers who expect fast and seamless payment experiences. Payment acceptance and processing are critical components of the customer journey, and businesses that fail to provide a smooth and efficient process risk losing customers. […]

Jan 04
AI and the Payments Industry: What to Expect in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the payments industry, and its impact is expected to be even greater in the next few years. From fraud detection and risk management to customer service and payment processing, AI is being adopted in various aspects of the industry. One area where AI is already making a […]