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Aug 30
HAYVN Pay Receives Major European Regulatory License

HAYVN Pay, a globally regulated cryptocurrency payment platform extends its expansion in Europe. The Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP) have been added to existing settlement currencies, including the US dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD), Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), allowing HAYVN Pay clients to get paid in major cryptocurrencies and settle in fiat currencies. What […]

Jun 28
Introducing BlockBee: Join the future of payments and start accepting cryptocurrencies now

At BlockBee, we developed a comprehensive and straightforward non-custodian solution to help their customers easily accept cryptocurrency payments/deposits. Our platform offers merchants..

Jun 21
HAYVN Pay introduces crypto payment compatibility with Android POS machines

HAYVN Pay, a regulated and compliant cryptocurrency payment solution for businesses, corporates and institutions globally, has introduced a new capability for clients to accept major cryptocurrencies for goods and services on Android POS machines. Through HAYVN Pay, merchants can offer customers a variety of crypto payment options for both physical and online stores. Regulated in […]

Apr 13
The HIT LIST: A Game-Changer for Merchants and Payment Solutions.

Why join the HIT LIST? As the world of commerce continues to move towards online transactions, payment solutions have become increasingly important. But with so many options available, it can be challenging for businesses to find the right payment solution to meet their needs. That’s where’s HIT LIST page comes in – a platform that allows merchants […]

Apr 07
SPELL: A white label platform designed to make you win in the payments business

Welcome to this Q&A session featuring Jevgenijs Novickis, CEO of Spell. Spell is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in developing and delivering advanced SaaS services for payment businesses. As CEO, Jevgenijs has led the company’s success, leveraging his expertise and experience in online payments. We’ll ask Jevgenijs about his insights on the industry, the challenges […]

Mar 30
How BCXPRO is Providing Reliable Payment Solutions

The recent banking issues have left many clients searching for strong banking rails that can provide reliable payment options in all currencies. At this time, it’s more important than ever to have a secure and dependable network for fiat payments, which is intrinsically linked to crypto payments. As the world increasingly moves towards digital currency, […]

Mar 23
Finaro Partners with Mastercard, Northmill, and NMI to Bring Cloud Commerce to Nordic Markets

Finaro Partners with Mastercard, Northmill, and NMI to Bring Cloud Commerce to Nordic Markets Finaro, a global cross-border payment provider and fully licensed bank, has announced its partnership with payments technology company Mastercard, Nordic neobank and POS provider Northmill, and full commerce enablement technology company NMI. The partnership aims to bring Mastercard’s cloud-native software-based acceptance […]

Mar 16
SVB – How will this effect the online payments industry.

First we need to understand how the banks work and deal with online payment solutions. Banks and payment providers often work together to provide payment processing services to merchants and facilitate transactions for consumers. Here are four ways they typically work together: Now that we have a better understanding of how they work together the […]

Feb 23
Mobile Payments: The Convenient Future of Transactions

The rise of smartphones and digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way we make payments. Gone are the days of carrying cash or writing checks, as more and more consumers opt for mobile payments to make purchases. Whether it’s for in-store shopping, online purchases, or peer-to-peer transfers, mobile payments offer unparalleled convenience […]

Feb 16
E-Wallets: The Future of Digital Payments

E-wallets, also known as digital wallets, are electronic platforms that allow users to store and manage their money digitally. With the ability to store multiple payment methods, e-wallets have become a popular and convenient way to make online and in-person purchases. Advantages of E-Wallets: Disadvantages of E-Wallets: Despite these challenges, e-wallets are becoming an increasingly […]