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Introducing BlockBee: Join the future of payments and start accepting cryptocurrencies now

Tell us about BlockBee

At BlockBee, we developed a comprehensive and straightforward non-custodian solution to help their customers easily accept cryptocurrency payments/deposits. Our platform offers merchants and their customers unparalleled user experience which makes it effortless for everyone involved.

What solutions BlockBee offers

– Shopping Cart Plug-ins: Merchants can enhance their e-commerce stores promptly by utilizing BlockBee Payment Gateway’s prebuilt plug-ins designed for major platforms. With these tailored plug-ins, setting up an online shop becomes a quick and efficient process.

– APIs: Businesses can customize their clients’ cryptocurrency experience by integrating the BlockBee Payment Gateway API. This powerful API empowers businesses to personalize the payment process according to their specific requirements, ensuring a unique and tailored customer journey. They support several crypto/tokens, over multiple networks.

– Checkout page: Integrating the BlockBee Payment Gateway into platforms is a hassle-free experience, thanks to the streamlined Checkout page. Businesses can easily incorporate the payment gateway, providing their customers with a smooth and convenient payment experience.

– Payouts: For streamlined mass payment operations, businesses can seamlessly integrate the Payouts API or manually import desired addresses using the BlockBee Payment Gateway. This feature simplifies the process of sending mass payments, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

– POS: Additionally, businesses can expand their payment options and boost revenue by utilizing the user-friendly POS App provided by BlockBee. This app allows offline businesses to effortlessly accept cryptocurrencies, offering greater flexibility to customers.


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