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HAYVN Pay introduces crypto payment compatibility with Android POS machines

HAYVN Pay, a regulated and compliant cryptocurrency payment solution for businesses, corporates and institutions globally, has introduced a new capability for clients to accept major cryptocurrencies for goods and services on Android POS machines.

Through HAYVN Pay, merchants can offer customers a variety of crypto payment options for both physical and online stores. Regulated in Australia (AUSTRAC), Lithuania (FNTT), and the Cayman Islands (CIMA), HAYVN Pay offers merchants the most secure and reliable way to accept crypto payments without being exposed to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Payments have been one of cryptocurrency’s largest and earliest use cases. While many choose to use digital assets purely as an investment, crypto has gained popularity in recent years as it is also an efficient way to transfer value globally with minimal fees and short transaction times. The new compatibility with Android POS machines adds an even wider range of payment options to the broad base of existing functionalities that HAYVN Pay clients already experience.

HAYVN Pay’s borderless payments solution can broaden merchants’ access to clients, reducing regional pitfalls and time costs in existing payment methods.

With over 420 million crypto users worldwide, offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method is a way to appeal to emerging cohorts and meet customer demands. While there is an increase in individual users, there has been a rapid rise in the number of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These new entities typically hold cryptocurrencies in their treasury and need to spend these assets to support their business operations.

HAYVN Pay’s cryptocurrency payment solution is online 24/7, reducing the traditional reliance on fiat banking systems. Merchants can now start accepting cryptocurrency payments on one unified device and manage their digital asset transactions through the HAYVN Pay Dashboard across multiple stores.
Christopher Flinos, HAYVN’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “Our goal is to ensure that within two years, 75% of the world’s point-of-sale and e-commerce transactions have a cryptocurrency payment option available for the customer.”

HAYVN Pay cites its unique advantage of being wallet agnostic – not requiring customers to pay crypto using specific wallets, allowing merchants to stay ahead of the competition and to keep customers satisfied.

About HAYVN Pay

HAYVN Pay is a regulated and compliant financial network for the authorization, clearing and settlement of consumer, merchant and B2B transactions. HAYVN Pay provides the crypto-payment tools needed to accept cryptocurrency payments online and in person from customers around the world – all designed to help merchants capture more revenue.

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