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SPELL: A white label platform designed to make you win in the payments business

Welcome to this Q&A session featuring Jevgenijs Novickis, CEO of Spell.

Spell is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in developing and delivering advanced SaaS services for payment businesses. As CEO, Jevgenijs has led the company’s success, leveraging his expertise and experience in online payments. We’ll ask Jevgenijs about his insights on the industry, the challenges he’s faced in his role, and the future direction of Spell.

What inspired you to start this tech company?

Several years ago, we operated a modest portfolio of SME clients in the online payment industry. During this period, we gained invaluable experience and understood the complexity of scaling the payments business without having the right toolkit. Subsequently, we chose to become a tech company in the payments space and deliver cutting-edge technology we’d like to have ourselves to streamline operations and accelerate payments businesses.

Can you explain the problem your technology is trying to solve?

Many of the current white-label platforms available in the market are generic and lack the competitive edge needed to rival industry leaders. In contrast, we have developed a cutting-edge platform that streamlines operations and offers advanced tools to help payment businesses achieve superior outcomes with minimal effort.

How does your technology differ from existing solutions in the market?

We suggest you schedule a Demo Tour. It is the first question, that we cover: Demo Tour

What has been your biggest challenge in developing this technology?

To effectively cater to a diverse range of technological requests from numerous global partners and merge them in a strategic manner.

How does your technology work, and what are the key features?

We suggest you schedule a Demo Tour. It is the first question, that we cover: Demo Tour.

What are your plans for scaling the company in the future?

While we do have ambitious plans for the product’s future, we regret that we are unable to disclose them in this format. As for our business strategy, we focus on forging partnerships with various global payment businesses to expand our impact.

What kind of impact do you hope to make with your technology?

The Spell platform is designed to enhance business outcomes for all parties involved, enabling them to achieve superior results without any additional effort.

Can you talk about any partnerships or collaborations your company has established?

While we have established several partnerships and collaborations, we would recommend referring to our website for a comprehensive overview of these. The following link provides further details: Demo Tour

How do you ensure data privacy and security for your users?

Ensuring the privacy and security of our users’ data is a top priority for us. As part of this commitment, we adhere to the rigorous PCI DSS Level 1 standards and undergo multiple annual audits to maintain the highest levels of data security.

What advice would you give to aspiring tech entrepreneurs?

The advice that helped me make some critical decisions was read many years ago when I was writing scripts: “A good editor might not know what to do, but for sure knows what not to.”

We hope this Q&A session with Jevgenijs Novickis, CEO of Spell, has been an intriguing intro to Spell. Jevgenijs’ expertise and experience in online payments and SaaS services have shed light on the exciting developments and challenges that the industry is currently facing. As a leading player in this rapidly evolving field, Spell is poised to continue driving innovation and growth, helping businesses leverage the right combination of tools that Spell can offer to achieve their goals. We thank Jevgenijs for sharing his time and knowledge with us and look forward to seeing the exciting developments that Spell and the industry as a whole will bring in the years to come.

If you are ready to get started with Spell, make sure to view their profile on PSPBOX or arrange a demo with the team and get all the insights needed: Demo Tour